About us

With over 25 years experience in delivering documentation and training services for public and private sector clients, Tactics has become one of the leading providers of performance support services in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines.

Tactics was founded in Wellington in 1987 as an independent consulting company specialising in customised training and documentation design and development. We are now one of the leading providers of performance support services in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Tactics team is made up of committed individuals with the diverse skills and experience to provide creative solutions for our clients.

We have designed and delivered documentation and training for clients within the following areas such as banking, call centres, defence, electricity, government, insurance and finance, IT and manufacturing.

Projects range from enterprise-wide system implementations, training rollouts, regulatory compliance and business process mapping to the design and creation of information repositories.

Our team

Documentation and training specialists with international experience. We help organisations improve productivity, performance and customer satisfaction.
Agnes Espineda

Agnes Espineda

Managing director

Agnes is our managing director. Her background includes human resources, organisational development, cross-cultural management, and instructional design. Her exuberant and inspiring leadership style sets the tone at Tactics. She fosters a communicative, collaborative approach that mirrors how we work with clients to achieve the success we enjoy. Agnes predicts the future of Tactics by creating it NOW. Her transformative leadership has connected us to our clients in the Asia-Pacific region. She inspires, empowers, and takes pride in Tactics being a place of realised potential. She is passionate about art and music and loves the exhilaration of travel.

Astrid Hartwig

Astrid Hartwig

Consulting manager

Astrid is Tactics’ consulting manager in Auckland. She has over 20 years’ experience in information services and operations management. She’s been a legal writer and editor, project manager, web analyst and a senior manager in a multi-national corporation. Astrid enjoys bringing her wide-ranging experience to her consulting projects. She specialises in business process mapping, content strategy, structured writing, and policy and procedure development. Most of all, Astrid enjoys solving problems and making her clients’ lives easier and their businesses more successful. Outside of work she heads for the outdoors, rolls out her yoga mat or attempts to tame her large garden.

Ricardo Paino

Ricardo Paino

Accounts manager

Ricardo manages the financial side of the business and oversees our day to day operations. Ricardo has a degree in business administration at the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa in Buenos Aires. He has a background in logistics from years of working in the shipping industries in Argentina and New Zealand. He is able to transfer this experience across different sectors and industries. He had a versatile career as a Spanish-English translator with a NAATI accreditation in Australia and worked in NZ for the government and private sectors. Ricardo swims, plays chess and dances Argentine tango in his spare time.

Angela White

Angela White

Workshop coordinator

Angela worked in a training environment before joining Tactics in 2011. In a previous life, she was a legal executive and a recruitment consultant in London as well as in New Zealand.  Angela enjoys coordinating our workshops and making the workshop experience a pleasant one for all our participants. She also helps organisations customise training courses for the needs of their teams and organise successful inhouse workshops. Angela enjoys meeting a wide range of people and loves travel, reading and shopping.

Nicole Canseco

Nicole Canseco

Technical writer and graphic designer

Nicole recently joined Tactics as a technical writer and graphic designer. She has a background in history and creative technologies. Her personal philosophy is to convey messages in the most aesthetically pleasing and efficient way possible; a philosophy applicable to both technical writing and graphic design. Both fields require her to make information accessible to a target audience. She has a great passion for movies and trivia knowledge.

Emma Kinane

Emma Kinane

Senior consultant

Emma relishes the challenge of presenting complex information simply and clearly. She brings 25 years’ experience as a writer, actor and teacher, as well as her enthusiasm for life-long learning. Her consulting assignments have been with the construction, food manufacturing, telecommunications and educational sectors. Emma is also a playwright, with a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. She loves puzzles, theatre, travel, and long walks with her dog, Ruby. She recently began learning Te Reo Māori.

Working with us

We work with individuals, small businesses, the government, and large corporate organisations in New Zealand, Asia and Australia.

What makes us tick?

What drives us is providing value to our clients. We take pride in making the complex accessible, creating order out of confusion, and giving people tools that improve individual as well as organisational productivity and performance.

We have a friendly, collaborative approach and enjoy teamwork and working in partnership with our clients. When you engage us, you can expect that we:

  • listen and take time to understand your needs
  • are committed at every level to excellence and quality
  • aim to achieve the most cost-effective solution for your budget
  • provide ongoing support for lasting benefits.

How we work

No matter how big or small a project, we leave nothing to chance. Our world-class project management methodology ensures every step is agreed and communicated. That’s why we start a project with an analysis and design phase that results in a detailed project plan and prototype. Only when the client is happy with the plan do we proceed with development.

Our TANDEMTM methodology is a comprehensive project management and quality assurance system that is ISO 9001 compliant. Like PRINCE2, TANDEM is a structured, repeatable and standardised method. It’s proven so successful that a number of our clients in New Zealand and overseas have adopted TANDEM to manage their own projects.


Business Enterprise Award

KPMG Peat Marwick and Telecom

Success in Overseas Markets

TradeNZ Export Commendation

Membership and accreditation

TechComm NZ Member
Louise’s excellent documentation helped enormously. I wish all business analysts I work with would produce such detailed documents and information.- James Francis, Director — Technology & Delivery, Frankly Tech
The Nursing Council of New Zealand has worked with staff from Tactics Ltd, but mostly Carys Lloyd, who has over the past year provided her assistance on a number of projects. These projects include business process mapping, business analysis for the database upgrade and the development of a user guide to support this development. Carys has become almost like one of our staff members and has worked across the organisation very successfully. Unfortunately, this project work is coming to an end but I would not hesitate to contact her should the need arise.- Lindsay Hiener, Manager — Business Development and Support, Nursing Council of New Zealand

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