Process mapping

This 1 day process mapping training course is for anyone who needs to understand, present and improve business processes. Our proven method demystifies process mapping.

We practise what we preach. Our process mapping method has been honed and tested on real-life projects for over 20 years. Anyone can learn it, with or without fancy software.

What will I learn?

You will learn how to:

  • describe and define processes and instructions
  • design and produce process maps, and
  • carry out an initial analysis and design to establish what process maps are needed.

In process mapping, there is no substitute for experience. At this experiential workshop you will learn by doing the facilitation that process mapping requires, and develop effective questioning and diagramming techniques.


This course is designed to share the successful techniques Tactics uses for its clients. These have been distilled and simplified to create a method that works every time. The course focuses on:

  • understanding instructions and processes and the stages of a process
  • designing appropriate, easy to follow diagrams
  • completing process maps, and
  • how to separate out checklists, forms and policy information to keep process maps manageable.
Provides a clear and concise communication style for an audience with literacy issues.- Sarah Barr, Ag People
Brilliant.- Workshop participant, Pacific Steel


Process mapping helps you:

  • reveal business processes so they can be clearly understood and improved
  • show who is responsible for each stage of a process
  • provide process consistency throughout an organisation
  • inspire change as redundant activities are identified
  • provide a framework for establishing best practice, and
  • enable people to see where their job role fits into the overall process.

What does it cover?

The workshop covers:

  • Introductions and objectives
  • Chunking
  • Process stages
  • Flowcharts and swimlanes
  • Difference between process and instructions
  • Designing a process map
  • Analysis and design of mapping requirements
  • Application to own work

Who teaches it?

The course is led by Rhiannon Herrick, who has over 15 years’ experience in mapping processes for public and private sector clients. She has taught this workshop in New Zealand and internationally, helping participants develop the skills they need to capture processes in the workplace.

What do I get?

The course materials include:

  • Comprehensive Process Mapping Workshop reference guide containing theory, exercises and examples,
  • Follow-up support including a free document review and,
  • Certificate

Inhouse and customised training

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Course dates and registration

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Course details

Duration: 1 day

Participants: Maximum of 9

Locations: Auckland, Wellington or customised inhouse

Price: $995 + GST per person

Workshop Terms and Conditions
Workshop Brochure PDF (204 kb)

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