Technical writing

Information is the lifeblood of an organisation and it’s everywhere – on your website, intranet, in manuals, reports, emails, brochures and product information or in people’s heads. Tactics’ skilled and experienced information experts can help you gain control of your knowledge assets and write business information that works.

We specialise in developing:

  • policies, procedures and user manuals
  • online help
  • persuasive proposals
  • website and intranet content, navigation systems and information architecture
  • system and compliance documentation
  • forms and templates.

We also offer professional editing and proofreading services.

Free scoping advice

If you’re new to documentation, it can be difficult to know where to start or what to plan for. We offer free scoping advice to help you get a handle on your project. Our consultants can help you estimate the time and resources you need and suggest options to suit your budget and timeframes. Contact us for a no-obligation chat.

We can manage your documentation project

You may have a team of subject matter experts in-house collaborating on a documentation project but it feels like herding cats on top of everyone’s day job. We can provide an experienced project manager to establish documentation standards, get commitment to the schedule, liaise with designers,  programmers or printers, and manage the development process from draft through to review and publication – and let you get on with your core business.

Contact us

To discuss how we can help you complete your documentation project on time and within budget, call 0800 50 50 56 or email