System implementation support

Tactics has been a trusted partner on IT projects for over 25 years. We are passionate about supporting users through effective documentation and training. Our aim is an enthusiastic system uptake with confident users and harmonised business processes.

Our experience in business system implementation spans a wide range of industry standard as well as customised systems, including:

  • enterprise resource planning (SAP, JDEdwards, PeopleSoft)
  • finance and banking
  • retail operations
  • content and records management
  • case management and claims processing
  • fleet management and transport
  • metering and billing
  • call centre technology
  • health management.

How Tactics can help

Our approach to training development ensures that users know their needs have been considered and respected – a crucial aspect of change management. We provide:

  • training needs analysis
  • training strategy and plans
  • training and reference materials
  • trainer and super-user training
  • training delivery (classroom, self-paced, e-learning, one-on-one coaching or blended solutions)
  • post go-live support.

Clear information

We explain the changes and what users need to know in a straightforward way. Our documentation is user-friendly, easy to navigate and easy to understand. Deliverables can include:

  • business process maps
  • user guides
  • quick reference cards and job task maps
  • online help
  • system specifications and technical documents for testing, review and release
  • forms, checklists and templates.

Trust leads to acceptance

When users feel their needs have been considered and respected, and they trust the documentation and training, they accept changes more easily, learn faster and retain more information. The result is a fast system uptake and smooth transition to business as usual.

Where we fit into the project lifecycle

System training and documentation is most effective if factored in during the earliest stages of a project. We often come on board during the elaboration phase with vendors and clients, and work alongside project teams and change managers during development and implementation. We continue to support users post go-live during the transition to business as usual.

Cross-cultural experience

All our staff have international experience. Our work has received wide acclaim among clients in New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

Our resources

We can provide the following project resources:

  • Project manager/team lead
  • Workshop facilitators
  • Business analysts
  • Technical writers and instructional designers
  • IT trainers.

Contact us

We’d love to hear about your IT project and discuss how we can help. Call us on 0800 50 50 56 or email