Email writing

Making Email Work! is a half day inhouse training course. It teaches how to write clear, effective emails that will increase productivity and efficiency throughout your organisation.

Email has become the most common form of written business communication. Yet research shows that most people take less time planning and writing emails than any other business document. Poorly written emails:

  • waste time
  • get ignored because they lack clear actions or instructions
  • risk damaging your brand and your business.

What will I learn?

This course enables you to:

  • establish a clear purpose
  • identify a specific response
  • communicate details more effectively
  • differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate content
  • organise and label content effectively
  • sequence and structure content to enhance readability, and
  • write effective subject lines.

This course is ideal for large teams, customer contact centres or anyone who wants to write more effective emails in less time.

How is it delivered?

The training course is led by an experienced Tactics instructor. Participants are encouraged to bring samples of their emails for analysis and restructuring. This course can be done inhouse or online.

What will I receive?

Each participant receives a reference guide with tips and examples to reinforce learning after the course.

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Course details

Duration: Half-a-day

Participants: 1–15

Locations: Inhouse or virtually online

Price: $4,950 + GST for up to 10 people, $435 + GST per additional person, up to a maximum of 15 people

Workshop Terms and Conditions
Workshop Brochure PDF (200 kb)

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