Process mapping

Our process mapping method has been honed and tested on real-life projects for over 25 years. It combines international best practice with our focus on making complex information easy to understand.

Our experienced analysts and facilitators are skilled in:

  • documenting current processes and identifying process improvements
  • mapping business processes for new systems implementations
  • supporting business transformation and process harmonisation
  • capturing knowledge before staff retire or move on
  • analysing requirements and developing functional specifications.

We ask the right questions

In most organisations, the way things are done evolves over time. People find shortcuts, omit or duplicate steps, or never fully understand how they fit into the overall process. Tactics’ analysts are neutral facilitators who look at a situation with fresh eyes and can ask the right questions – especially the ones that challenge established thinking and often get to the nub of a problem.

We teach what we practice

Our process mapping method has been so successful that many clients over the years have asked us to train their staff. In response, we developed our popular process mapping training course. It is hands-on and practical, software independent and available as an in-house or public training course.

Find out more about our process mapping course.

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